Weaning Without The Mess!

Have you heard the saying ‘weaning means cleaning’? Well that’s certainly true, but there are some things you can do to prepare and make a like a little easier….

Choose wisely

So it’s been a good 6-12 months since you carefully selected and test drove your pushchair. Now it’s time for the next large item – the highchair. Now it’s easy to be blinded by pretty and forget the practicalities. Ask yourself some of these questions:

· How far is baby from the tray or table? Too far and you’ll lose a lot to the floor!

· How easy is it to clean (the ability to hose it down is optional and do you really need that cushion!)?

· Does it fit in the space or will I need to fold it down each time?

· How quickly will my baby outgrow this chair – then what?

Decided? Right let’s get to it!

Cover up

Any surface nearby including the floor, the table (if not using a tray) and even your baby! Mess mats are essential, either something wipeable or something that can be thrown in the washing machine at the end of the day. Wipeable tablecloths are a must but remember tomato-based foods will stain light colours. And finally, an all-encompassing bib, like our favourite UltraBib or Wipeezee from Bibetta, will help to keep arms clean!

P.S. Watch the walls for splatters too!


Wipes are the perfect solution for cleaning on the go, but it can get expensive and they aren’t great for the environment, so invest a few flannels (about 6 should be enough). Then at the end of each meal you can easily clean baby and pop the flannels in the wash at the end of the day.

Clothing stains are always easier to remove if washed straight away but if that’s not possible try soaking before washing, a bit of scrubbing and then leaving it in the sun to dry. Amazingly the UV rays from the sun literally ‘bleach’ the stains making them magically disappear.

And finally

Try not to clean your baby until they have finished their meal. Yes, it’s messy but playing with food and getting covered is an important part of development. Children who are constantly cleaned can develop an aversion to getting messy which is thought to limit acceptance of new foods as well as restricting play activities. The best thing to do is to try and get used to it – at least at this age they are in one spot making a mess and not all over the house!

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