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Plant-Based Cleaning is Sorted with New Parents Gift Set

Leading plant-based family cleaning brand, Nimble, is delighted to welcome the New Parents Gift Set to their range. Featuring each of Nimble’s award-winning cleaning products, everything expectant parents need to prepare for their new arrival is available in one handy box!

Friends and family need look no further for the perfect present – the Nimble New Parent’s Gift Set has arrived! Creating a gift that new parents will really appreciate for their new arrival, Nimble has mixed up the typical baby shower gift options and provided a thoughtful bundle for expectant parents. Arriving directly to their door in one neat package, parents-to-be will be so grateful that their home (and all the super cute newborn clothes, toys and accessories) will be naturally clean and free from any harsh chemicals.

Nimble knows parenting is messy business so are on a mission to help parents overcome the stress around the chaos all new babies create! From washing tiny clothes to cleaning bottles and wiping down surfaces, the New Parents Gift Set features all the essentials to prep new parents for the fun to come! Including 5 full-size products, as well as a Magic Wand bottle brush, this is a great option for a virtual baby shower gift, new parent’s laundry, feeding and cleaning up all sorted in one convenient box!

Those endless piles of tiny clothes will be cleaned in a jiffy with Laundry Lover, a non-bio laundry detergent which removes stains in one wash. Combined with the Cuddle Lover fabric softener, clothes will be left feeling snuggly soft next to that sensitive new baby skin! For eco-conscious parents, even the smelliest cloth nappies are cleaned easily with Nappy Lover – a non-bio powder detergent specifically designed for reusables!

The New Parents Gift Set has everyday cleaning covered too. The bleach-free anti-bacterial spray, Sticky Stopper, can be used to wipe down anything from changing tables to milk spills… So, wave bye-bye to nasty surfaces!

Not forgetting Nimble’s hero product, Milk Buster – a total a game changer for new parents. Specifically designed to break down milk proteins and fats from bottles and breast pump parts, Milk Buster ensures there will be no more scrubbing at the sink! New parents will also appreciate the Magic Wand cleaning brush, which reaches every nook and cranny to leave bottles sparkly clean, and free of scratches.

Mess is only natural, and so are all of Nimble’s products! Recently registered with The Vegan Society, the range is cleverly powered by naturally derived cleaning ingredients from coconut, corn and sugar cane. Having successfully created cleaning products that are just as effective as traditional solutions, but without any of the harsh chemicals, the award-winning brand has parents covered when it comes to cleaning up after their little one!

Nimble founder and chemist Von Sy, said: “I’m so happy that our New Parents Gift Set brings all of Nimble’s products together in one place for new parents. Those first few weeks with a new baby are definitely a challenge, so to be able to reassure parents that it’s okay for your home to be messy, that’s part of bringing a child into the world! To be able to know their cleaning is sorted with safe and effective products that tired new mums and dads can rely on is really brilliant.”

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