bumpPR Celebrate #MumPower this International Women’s Day

Updated: Mar 22

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate ‘mums helping mums’, and give our bumpPR mumpreneuers, who have created some of the most successful businesses in the nursery industry, a big shout out and say a heartfelt thank you, many of whom started at their kitchen tables! #MumPower

Catehrine Lobely, Poco Nido: August 2011 saw Podo Nido open its doors! Founder Catherine Lobley told a friend with a children’s lifestyle store she was going to start a baby shoe brand, and she promptly agreed to buy some!! A panicked Catherine realised she was actually going to have to do it – and she has never looked back since! Her eclectic range of barefoot friendly children’s shoes have a truly unique whimsical charm balancing style and function, with the ultimate comfort for little feet. https://poconido.com

Mouse Allen, Magnet Mouse: Mouse Allen launched her super cute and brilliantly clever babywear business in 2015, after a stint in the City. Her business didn’t start at the kitchen table because her kitchen only had space for a toaster, not a table, but the lack of a table hasn’t slowed her down for a second! The British made magnetic onesies are proving a hit with parents that’s for sure! https://magnetmouse.co.uk

Cara Sayer, Founder of SnoozeShade: Cara Sayer, came up with the idea for SnoozeShade a universal breathable buggy blackout blind in 2008, when she became fed up of constantly draping her daughters pushchair with a blanket - that she knew wasn’t safe and kept falling off. Upon launch, she received orders on the spot. SnoozeShade has been a best-seller on Amazon (UK and US) since launch and is now the world’s best-selling range of sun and sleep shades. www.snoozeshade.com

Natalie Ward, Founder of Latched: Since launching two years ago, Latched has been on a mission to provide comfortable, supportive and functional clothing and sportswear for pregnant, breastfeeding and on the go Mums. The brand’s ethos is to give confidence and support on every mum’s journey into motherhood. With the brand’s bestselling leggings, Founder Natalie is delighted to report sales have gone from strength to strength since the start of her business venture and the brand look forward to launching lots of new products this year. www.latched.uk

Selina Russel, Cheeky Rascals: Selina Russel has been committed to bringing the very best products for families for nearly 25 years now. Back in 1996 she sat at her kitchen table with just a few products, a lot of enthusiasm and an ambitious vision! She just knew that sourcing great products that would make life easier for families would be a big hit and it’s fair to say it certainly has been!! https://www.cheekyrascals.co.uk

Lynda Harding, SweetDreamers: Set up in 2010, the multi award winning SweetDreamers is the brainchild of Lynda Harding. Inspired by her sixth child who never slept, Lynda set about creating the product she knew her son needed to help him get to sleep – the result was the iconic ewan the dream sheep sleep aid, which has now helped more than 1 million families globally! He is sold by over 200 UK retailers, including John Lewis and Boots, and can be found in over 30 countries worldwide. www.sweetdreamers.co.uk

Sarah Cooper, Nap Nap: When mum of one, Sarah Cooper, learnt of the revolutionary NapNap sleep mat, she became determined to bring it to the UK, launching in 2020.Having herself experienced newborn challenges when her daughter was born 9 weeks prematurely, Sarah was especially interested to learn that NapNap is suitable (and in fact advised) for premature babies and knew it had to be available for parents in the UK.From NICU and beyond, this clever sleep gadget is suitable for even the tiniest of tots. https://www.napnapuk.co

Julie Wilson and Amy Livingstone, Founders of Cheeky Chompers: Amy and Julie started award winning nursery brand Cheeky Chompers when they were on maternity leave. They identified a gap in the market for an attachable teething solution following their own experiences picking up and sanitising dirty teethers. In their first 5 years they have sold more than 1.5 million products in 36 markets worldwide, as well as via a number of UK national and independent retailers. https://cheekychompers.com

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